Pack Heavy Items Properly

Posted on: 8 October 2018


Many people don't realize how much stuff they have accumulated until it is time to pack up their belongings and move into a new home. Fitting heavy items into boxes can be challenging. If heavy items are not packed properly, they can become a serious hazard during the moving process.

Take the time to ensure that you are prepared with the right supplies to ensure that your heavy items remain safe and secure while being transported to your new home.

Moving Boxes

Boxes are the most common receptacles used by homeowners looking to move their belongings to a new property. Boxes can be utilized to pack up heavy items, but you need to look for certain types of boxes to ensure that they can withstand the added weight of bulky belongings. Reinforced cardboard should be used to construct the boxes used to move heavy items. You want to use only new boxes for packing heavy things, since the cardboard in used boxes can be weak.

Stick with smaller boxes for heavy items to ensure that the weight of each box doesn't pose a safety hazard for the professional movers loading your belongings onto a moving truck.

Packing Tape

Many homeowners reach for the duct tape when packing up their moving boxes. This kind of tape can be sufficient for light boxes, but the boxes that are filled with heavy items need to be reinforced with a special type of packing tape. Look for a packing tape with fibers running through the adhesive. These fibers will add to the strength of the tape, preventing it from breaking or tearing under the weight of your heavy boxes during transit.

You should tape both the bottom and the top of each box containing heavy items to prevent the boxes from collapsing under the weight of the items inside.

Packing Materials

Putting multiple heavy items into a single box can help reduce the total number of boxes you must move, but it can also pose a threat to the structural integrity of the items themselves. You need to have access to the right packing materials to help keep your heavy items safe. Wrap each hefty item with soft white packing paper, then add a layer of bubble wrap to each item before placing it in the box. Be sure that the bottom of the box is lined with bubble wrap, and that you place a layer of bubble wrap over the top of the items before closing the box for added protection.

If you need help moving and packing heavy items, it may be best to leave the task to a moving company.