Moving: Avoiding Financial And Mental Overwhelm

Posted on: 3 December 2018


While you might have very much wanted a new home or job in another city, you may be less than excited about the arduous moving process which must happen first. In fact, an overwhelming could be growing inside you as you start to list the tasks and financial aspects of the move. Before anxiety takes over, focus on activities like these to calm your mental state and reduce any financial strain when moving.

Assemble Free Supplies

Cash for moving could be tough to find, especially if you haven't started that new job or spent a lot on your new place. Luckily, some financial stress can be alleviated if only you assemble the free supplies which could be out there. For example, your favorite stores or local supermarket are perfect resources for cardboard boxes. Most delivery boxes find their way to a compactor and recycling center, but some phone calls could mean that there are dozens left out back for you. You can also forget about bubble wrap if you make your linens, clean socks and other fabrics do some work as wrap material for fragile items.

Take Only Necessities

The sheer volume of equipment, appliances, clothing, collectibles and other objects you own could be worrisome when you move. However, now is a fabulous time for taking stock of your belongings: What do you really like? What do you really want in a new home? If you don't want that old gym equipment, clothing or knick-knack, you can either arrange a yard sale or pack it up well before moving and deliver it to second-hand or thrift stores. Then you'll have a much less cluttered home to pack up.

Hire Professionals

At first, concern over budget could make you resistant to hiring movers. You may have already picked out the relatives or friends you'll try to convince to help. However, such action could actually cause irritation and increase anxiety. If, for instance, your friends arrive late or seem fixated on the beers and pizza you've promised them, moving takes longer. If your relatives bow out or accidentally break something because they didn't pack it well, that makes even more work and annoyance for you.

Professionals will discuss the task with you early on. They will let you know how many experts will appear, and they will be there ready to work, on time. Their packing skills have been practiced, and they will disassemble a large bed or entertainment system for you and put it up after arrival. If something breaks, the company has policies in place to reimburse you or otherwise make it right. This assistance could eliminate many moving worries.

Help yourself early in the moving process with details, actions and recommendations like these. Communicate with relatives and movers freely so residential moving mistakes and problems don't happen.