Could A Self-Storage Unit Be Your Emergency Meeting Place?

Posted on: 12 October 2022


Could a self-storage unit be a good emergency meeting place for your family? Self-storage units can form an integral part of emergency preparations—and this may include serving as a meeting point if something happens to your home. Here are a few indicators that it could be just the right spot.

1. It Holds Emergency Supplies 

While most families attempt to keep some emergency supplies at home, what happens if you can't get to or stay in your home? In addition to food and water, use your storage unit to keep things like camping supplies, extra clothes, a generator, or even an additional form of transportation. 

2. Everyone Has Access

Emergency meeting places are only useful if everyone knows how to reach them and has access. Does your family all know where the storage unit is? Do they all have keys and/or codes to get in? Can family members reach it by walking? If the path to get to the unit is easy and simple, this could be a great place to meet. 

3. It's in a Secure Facility

How safe and secure do you feel in your storage facility? Is it well-patrolled and maintained? Is there good security against intruders? Is the facility a good structure? What are their emergency plans? Feeling safe and secure is an important part of dealing with a traumatic emergency. 

4. It's Not the Only Location

Emergency plans must be flexible to account for different types of disasters and different individual circumstances. The family home is generally the first choice for meeting locations, but it's smart to have one or two other options—one close to home and one farther away. The storage unit is an excellent separate location. 

5. It's in the Right Spot

Which forms of natural or man-made disasters are you likely to face? If flooding or hurricanes are a main concern, you may want to use a storage unit that's at a higher elevation or in a different town. If civil unrest happens, avoid locations that attract attention, such as a downtown facility. The right spot depends on your personal situation. 

Where to Start

Could a self-storage unit be a great addition to your emergency plan? Start by touring facilities in your target area and speaking with their staff. You may find that this simple option provides more peace of mind for you and your family. 

Contact a local storage unit service to learn more.