Everything You Need To Know About Moving Estimates

Posted on: 19 October 2018


Moving into a new home can be one of the most stressful activities you will undertake in your adult life. Hiring professional movers can make your next relocation a lot easier by relieving some of the logistical planning and physical exertion from your move.

Reputable moving companies are always willing to provide their clients with estimates. A moving estimate should be obtained before you begin planning your upcoming move so that you can keep your finances firmly in check.

Schedule an in-home estimate.

There are a few different ways that you can obtain an estimate from a professional moving company. The cost of basic services can be quoted over the phone or in an email message. Unfortunately, these types of estimates are usually not very accurate.

If you want to know exactly how much you can expect to spend on your moving services, schedule an in-home estimate. An employee from the moving company will walk through your home and take an inventory of all the items that will need to be packed up and moved. Seeing your belongings in person allows the moving company to create an accurate estimate.

Determine if you want a binding or non-binding estimate.

You can opt for either a binding or non-binding estimate when trying to determine your total moving costs. Professional moving companies will typically charge their customers a small fee to prepare a binding estimate.

Binding estimates offer you the most accurate data regarding moving costs so that you can plan appropriately. A non-binding estimate serves as a baseline for services that the moving company will render.

Most people who go with a non-binding estimate end up facing surprise costs when their move is complete. Always ask for a binding estimate when you are planning to relocate.

Get your estimate in writing.

To protect your interests during a move, you should always get a binding estimate in writing. Be sure that the estimate sheet lists each of the services the moving company will provide in detail. Having this information in written form allows you to accurately dispute any additional costs that might be added to your final bill.

Many states require moving companies to issue estimates in written form when completing interstate moves, so your moving company should be prepared to offer a written estimate upon request.

Estimates play an important role in the moving process. By understanding how estimates work, you will be able to utilize your estimate to maximize your access to professional moving services while keeping costs low.