3 Safety Tips For Your Upcoming Move To Avoid Unnecessary Injuries

Posted on: 5 February 2019


No matter how far you are moving—across the city, across the state, or across the country—moving can be both exciting and challenging all at the same time. Unfortunately, the process can lead to unnecessary injuries. When boxes are packed improperly or heavy items are lifted incorrectly, someone can get injured or belongings can get damaged, particularly if a professional moving service is not hired. To ensure that these issues are not part of your upcoming move, here are three safety tips to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Identify Any Hazards

Prior to loading the moving truck, it is important to assess the home for any potential hazards. Make sure that hallways are free from any clutter, such as furniture or boxes, that could delay movement. Look for any protruding nails or chips of wood from door frames, stairways, etc. In addition, take the time to clear a path between the doorway and the parked truck. Any hazards should be removed from the yard in this path. For example, brushes should be trimmed and ground debris should be swept away.

Tip #2: Use Some Common Sense

On moving day, know how much you can handle, and don't push yourself past that. If you know that a box is too heavy for you to pick up and carry, then don't do it—leave it for someone else to carry or get someone to help you with it. If you have pets or children, consider letting them stay with someone else so that they aren't in the way. Otherwise, they may become a tripping hazard. Also, make sure that everyone remains hydrated and eats throughout the day to ensure that energy levels stay high.

Tip #3: Consider Hiring a Professional Moving Company

A moving service will have professionals on staff that are knowledgeable and trained in moving heavy boxes and large and bulky items in some of the worst conditions. They will be familiar with basic techniques to use when lifting heavy, bulky items to avoid damage to your belongings as well as to themselves. They will also know how to pack the moving truck efficiently and to prevent boxes from collapsing during transit.

While moving can be a stressful experience, you can relieve a lot of that stress and prevent injuries to yourself by hiring a professional moving service, like Get A Move On. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of hiring professionals for your upcoming move, contact moving services near you.