Faqs About Fine Art Delivery Services

Posted on: 26 January 2021


What do you need to know about fine art delivery? Whether you recently purchase an investment piece or you need to move your artwork from your old home to a new one, take a look at the top questions to ask before you choose a fine art delivery services provider.

Do You Specialize in Fine Art?

Some movers may say they transport everything—minus illegal or prohibited items. But this doesn't necessarily mean they specialize in moving fine art pieces. To move paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other delicate or fragile works, the contractor needs professional-level experience and expertise. Beyond the professional's knowledge of fine art handling, they need the right equipment to transport these items safely.

What Types of Fine Art Do You Specialize In?

Do you have a hard-to-move sculpture or awkwardly-shaped installation piece? If you need to transport an artwork that requires special prep, packaging, or handling, ask the delivery provider about their experience in specialized projects. You may need to provide a detailed description and a photo of your artwork before the contractor can assess their ability to securely move the item.

What Type of Preparation Is Needed?

Is the company a full-service delivery provider or will they require you to prep and pack your artwork before they arrive? You may need to wrap, box, or in some other way protect and pack the item or items on your own before the delivery. For example, some fragile or investment pieces may need custom-created crates or professional packing. If the delivery contractor doesn't offer this option, hire an art deliverer or someone who specializes in this area to prepare everything before the delivery services provider arrives.

How Far in Advance Do You Schedule Delivery Services?

Can you move your art anytime or do you have a set schedule? If you need a specific pick-up or delivery date, ask the contractor how far in advance they typically book moves. The sooner you reserve a date and time, the more likely it is the delivery contractor can work around your scheduling needs.

What Does the Estimate Include?

A fine art delivery services provider should give you a moving estimate before you agree to anything. Make sure you understand all the charges in the estimate before you sign a contract. If you see services you don't need or don't see ones you do want, discuss your options with the delivery provider as soon as possible.

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