Some Lesser-Known Services Movers Can Offer

Posted on: 1 December 2021


You may think of movers as someone to call to help with physically lifting and transporting your household belongings during relocation. But, you may be overlooking a lot of the other services movers can offer. Some of these services can be a big help to you in many areas. Here are some of the many services movers often offer: 

Single-item moving - You don't have to have a big job for movers to be able to help you. They can be there to help you move one or two items if that's what you need. You may have something you bought and need to be brought to your home, or you may be arranging your house and have a couple of large items that you want to have moved upstairs. These are a couple of examples of times when you can call movers. 

Packing everything - While it is more common for movers to be hired to pack and move someone, you should know that they can be hired for just their packing services. When some people move, they are fine with physically loading, unloading, and transporting their belongings. However, what they often don't have the time or the patience for is packing up everything. Movers can offer this service to you. Another benefit to hiring movers to pack everything is they will show up with all the necessary materials to protect and pack your things. 

Offer storage - If you need to hire movers, but you also need to put your things into storage, then find out if the moving company has its own storage facility. Many times, you will find that the two go hand in hand. You can simplify things a bit if you are able to hire the movers who also run the storage unit where you keep your things. There might even be a price break for using both services. 

Driving - There are also some movers who offer the service of just driving the moving truck to your new home. If you don't mind packing, disassembling larger items, and moving everything into the truck yourself, then you may simply be in need of someone to drive the truck. Some moving companies can provide you with a mover who will transport your items in the truck for you. This can be helpful if you are nervous about driving such a large truck, if you don't have enough drivers for your family cars and the truck, or for a number of other reasons.