4 Essential Tips For A Smooth Office Relocation

Posted on: 14 July 2021


Moving an office to a new location can be exciting, and it can also be a lot of work, which is why it is essential to know a few secret tips for smooth office relocation.

Tip #1: Give Yourself Time

Planning for an office move should not be a last-minute thing. It is something that you are going to want to take your time planning out. Ideally, you will have about half a year's notice before moving your office so that you can handle all of the details.

With an office move, you have to find a new location, figure out how you want to set up the new location, figure out what you want to move and don't want to move, and then handle contacting all your clients and vendors. There are lots of layers to an office move, which is why you want to give yourself as much time as possible for planning the move.

Tip #2: Hire Your Office Moving Service

There is no way you will want to move all the items in your office on your own. If moving things isn't the type of work that you usually ask your employees to do, you shouldn't start now.

Instead, you are going to want to hire a full-service office moving company. A full-service office moving company will come to your office and give you a persona quote after seeing everything you have to move. You want a moving company that can quickly move you out of your old office and get you set up in your new office so that you can eliminate as much downtime as possible with the move. 

Tip #3: Communicate with IT

If you have an IT team, you will want to give them a few months' warning. They are going to need to figure how to transfer everything. They also need to figure out if upgrades need to be made to the building for your technical equipment.

You will want to have the IT team work with the moving team to develop a plan for moving all the sensitive equipment that may require extra caution, care, and hands to move and set up. You may even want to hire an IT moving specialist to assist with this part of the moving process. You need your tech up to start working again, so give your team as much notice as possible. 

Tip #4: Order New Equipment

Not all of your old equipment is going to make the move with you. You are going to want to order any new equipment that you need before you move. You can even arrange to have it delivered to your new office around your moving date so that you don't have to move the new furniture twice.

Reach out to an office moving service if you're planning a move.